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A custom box says more about your product than any advertisement.  Packaging sells products – Customers DO judge products by their “cover.”  The value placed on high quality packaging is hard to quantify but is very real.

E.B. Box has all the capabilities and expertise to help you take your product to the next level in its market.  We handle every job with talented personnel, state of the art equipment, and an attention to detail that not only gets your product to you on-time, but also gets it to you done right!

Side Lock
A simple box design where there box comes totally flat and user puts the box together using the locking mechanism.  No gluing involved.

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A tuck style box with a semiautomatic closure on the bottom allows a more secure seal.  Glued on one side and bottom tucks into itself therefore only leaving one point of entry for product (through the top of the box).

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Reverse Tuck End
End opening box that is glued on one side. The user pops this box open and closes the bottom and top flaps after inserting the product. The top and bottom closing flaps are hinged on opposite sides.  Most popular boxing method at this price point.

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Straight Tuck End
Similar to Reverse Tuck except the top and bottom closing flaps are hinged on the same side of the box.

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Double Wall
A tray or two piece folding box with double side walls for rigidity. It is assembled by the user by folding the end wall panels in.

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Hymes Bottom
A tuck style box with a fully automatic bottom and product entry from the top of the box.  Most popular type of box at this price point.

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4-Corner (Beers Style Box)
A tray or box that is fully formed when it is popped open.

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6-Corner (Beers Style Box)
A box that is fully formed when it is popped open, including an automatically formed lid.

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